Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mega Review - Nella Milano and MoYou Nails

Hi Goddesses

I have a HUUUUUUUGE bundle of review stuff to share with you today - this is going to be quite a long post, but hopefully quite varied.

I was sent a massive package from MoYou Nails (NOT MoYou London) which included -
* 3 stamping polishes in white, pink and blue
* 3 Nella Milano one coat polishes, in black, yellow and lilac
* 4 MoYou Nails plates

The end result?  A total smorgasboard!  In the end, I used other stamping plates as well, just to create more variety.  Ok, kick back, and here we go!

Bumblebee Mani using Sunny Yellow and Black

thumb and ring - MoYou Pro Collection 02
index - Cheeky Jumbo Plate 9, Wild At Heart
middle - MJ6
pinkie - DRK-A

This mani has Nella Milano Sunny Yellow on base.  As I said in a previous review, although they are supposed to be, I do not find these to be one coat polishes, however, I do think that might change as they thicken up and age.

They work perfectly for stamping, as you can see.

Next we have a mani using the White and Blue stamping polishes which I also used as my base polishes.  This was just one coat.

We then have a mixed design using a variety of MoYou Nails plates -

On index and middle we have an amazing Fleur de Lys design from MoYou83.  The level of detail is stunning, and I am really impressed that it transferred in its entirety.

The animals are from MoYou 63 and N08.  These required more patience, and the transfer wasn't as clean.  Although I tend to find this with ALL small designs, I had to press REALLY hard to get a clean transfer.  Not a major issue, but if you struggle with these plates, just adapt your style as it's not YOU.

I then used MoYou89 over Literary Lacquers Sidewalk's End, using the pink and blue stamping polishes.

As you can see, transfer was clean, but a plainer base might have shown the stamping better!  Again, some requirement to press really firmly.

I then decided to try the same plate over a dark base - here it's over Leesha's Lacquer's Pink Cashmere.

This is where you can see my real issue with these designs - my nails are slightly too long for them.  These are more Pueen / GALS sized, although I have to admit, it almost looks like a I did a deliberate french tip in these photos!

I then used Nella Milano Lilac as the base for this lovely design.  I am really happy with this one.

This uses the pink and white stamping polishes and Pro Collection 07 by MoYou London (sorry to confuse!)

I love how the roses turned out on this and it was really easy to achieve - I just dabbed the colour in different parts of the stamp, and then swiped as usual.  I think it works beautifully in these colours.

So there you go!  I love both the stamping polishes and the Nella Milano polishes.  The plates I found a little trickier, but they were all usable with a little practice.   All of these products are available HERE. 

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