Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Brand Week - Crumpet Reviews Leesha's Lacquer

Hi Goddesses

We continue New Brand Week with Leesha’s Lacquer, who contacted me a few weeks ago to review her products.  She’s a witty and funny girl, and I love her sense of humour.  Luckily she makes great polishes too!

Dabadedabadi is a lovely soft turquoise, which looks gorgeous on its own or with top coat.  Naturally it dries to a soft finish, with the holographic speckles shining through. 

I loved the complexity of the colour of this one, like a deep Caribbean sea.  Speckles of green, dapples of sunshine, all hinting at warm and serene depths.

I then applied the glitter topper Nightmare.  These 2 worked so well together – almost as if they’d been made for each other!

Nightmare is a mix of silver, purple and blue micro glitters for a delicate look.

Finally we have Pink Cashmere which is one of those “ooooh I have nothing like this at ALL” polishes.  This is a cold brown base with pink glitters.

It's one of those weird alien-like polishes that is utterly fascinating, and utterly unique.


You can buy Leesha's Lacquer HERE and you can follow her on Facebook HERE.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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