Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Brand Week - Crumpet Reviews - Bellisimo, The New Classics

Hi Goddesses

New Brand Week takes a different direction today with Bellisimo polishes.  I was sent this package for review before Christmas, and I have to say, it’s the most gorgeous package I’ve ever received!

A little background about the brand first of all –

Founder and CEO Jan Guy, a respected business owner in the male-dominated metal manufacturing industry, launched Bellisimo as something radically different. Her goals? Timeless color, luxury quality, and the incomparable feeling that comes from finding the true beauty within. Once a struggling single mother, Guy donates a portion of proceeds from each bottle of lacquer sold toward a cause that she has long been passionate about: college scholarships for single mothers and their children. Guy was supported in her venture by a creative team with experience at global beauty companies Estée Lauder and Clinique, who recognized that pairing a stunning product and a powerful message with industry smarts—is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

 The small but complete Bellisimo Signature Collection impressively resets the lacquer worldview. Rather than focusing on seasonal trends, Bellisimo is a foundational set of pure, highly saturated, designer-quality colors that complement all skin tones and can go anywhere with style and confidence. These are the “new classics,” from a true red and a bare pink to a mysteriously appropriate smoky nude. Lacquers, base treatment, and finishing coat are encased in luxurious, heavy bottomed 10ml Italian glass bottles with artist’s brushes.

And so the package – will you look!  I love that there were layers to the unwrapping – it was like my very own pass the parcel game haha.

There are 6 colour polishes, a base coat, and a top coat, and they are all held sweetly in this amazing clutch.  It really is a deluxe gift, and feels very extravagant – and retails for $150.   Individually, the lacquers retail for $15.

Let’s take a closer look at the colours –

Parisian Pink is so girlie it hurts :)  this is a classic baby pink, perfectly named.

I was a bit worried about Jerusalem Stone.  In the bottle, it’s an off yellow goop, and I was worried it would make me look like I had nicotine fingers, but as you can see, on me, it looks almost clear.  I imagine if your nails are whiter than mine, you might detect more of a hue.

Then we have Brisbane Beaches, the only frost in the collection.  Like a lot of you, I find frosts a little nasty, and this one did nothing for me, either in finish or tone.

Portofino Pink is the only shimmer in the collection.  It’s a lovely, deeply saturated pink, flecked with gold shimmer.  This was also probably the polish with the thickest consistency, and the one I found easiest to apply.

And is it just me, or does my hand and even my photos look different when I'm wearing a polish this happy lol.  Definitely my favourite of the collection.

Calgary Flame is a classic red.  This is a bright red - you can't go wrong with this colour.

Naples Night Out is dark and vampalicious!  This is a classic “rouge noir” shade and looked amazing on the nail.  The colour saturation was great, and with top coat, this looked super juicy on the nail!

The base coat was fine, but I did encounter some issues with the top coat.  Basically, it’s not a quick drying one, so if you test it after the length of time your Poshe is usually ok, you’ll get this –

I am sure if you are more patient, you’ll get better results.

All in all, this is a lovely gift, albeit expensive.  For me though, it has an “older” feel to it, as if it’s aimed at the older women in your family.  None of the polishes are really on trend, (and I do accept that was a deliberate aim of the collection, so that it would be "timeless"),  and 3 of the colours are older style colours.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a good quality product, and beautifully packaged, but I think it could have had much wider appeal without Jerusalem Stone, and if Brisbane Beaches had been a creme.

You can check out the full Bellisimo range HERE.  I applaud any brand that gives back to the community.  

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