Friday, 10 January 2014

New Brand Week - Nire's Desire

Hi Goddesses

We continue New Brand Week with Nire’s Desire a new-to-me indie.  2 of these polishes were sent for review and 3 were purchased by me.

Starry Eyed Surprise is a sensational scattered holo, which reminds me a little of a-England Tristam.  This is a dark denim blue, with some soft indigo tones.

I really liked this one – both the colour and the subtle holo combined well

Clair de Lune is a soft pale periwinkle, that dries to an almost chalky finish – not glossy, but not matte.  

This was the only one I had any issues with due a wonky brush – the brush was fine in all the other polishes.

Angelic Little Devil is a pinky-red-orange, with a smattering of holo.  This is what I call a “dusty holo”, where the holo looks to sit on top of the polish, like dust, rather than being completely integrated with the colour.

The tone on this is really beautiful – I don’t think I have anything completely like this in my spectrum.

Original Sin-amon looks similar to ALD (albeit darker), but looks totally different on the nail.  You can see it here initially as an accent nail to ALD.

On its own, again, it’s unlike any other colour I’ve got (although this perhaps isn’t a surprise as I am not usually into browny colours).  There’s a lot of autumn to this polish.

Finally – Revel.  I really did save the best til last.  This one is sensational.

This is a fabulous linear holo in a violet-toned blackcurrant, full of drama and absolutely poetic bend.  I adored this, and I know this will shock you lol.  

All in all, I was really happy with these polishes, 1 brush notwithstanding.  All applied well, if slightly thickly – there were no issues however.  I also love how the bottles have the brand name on one side, and the polish name on the opposite side – it’s just that little bit different.

A couple of my polishes look slightly different to the shop photos, but I assume this is due to small batch differences.

You can buy Nire's Desire HERE.

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