Monday, 6 January 2014

New Brands for 2014 - Crumpet Reviews Nella Milano (stamping?) polishes

Hi Goddesses

I hope 2014 is being good to you,and that you have lots of plans for making it awesome.  My initial plan this month, is to introduce you to brands you (and in some cases, I) haven't seen before, and also to reintroduce you to some other brands that haven't been seen on this blog for a while.

We start today with 3 polishes I was sent for review by MoYou Nails (not to be confused with MoYou London of hotter than hot stamping plates).   The brand is called Nella Milano and the polishes are designed to be one coaters.  I received Midnight Blue, Peach and Ruby Red.

As you can see in this swatch of Midnight Blue, they are not one coaters - yet.  I do have a suspicion though that as the bottle gets used a couple of times, the polish will thicken a tad and then be a one-coater (certainly a lot of Barry M polishes do this).

Here, you can see how the polishes look after 2 coats - glorious, and shiny.  Easy application, nothing to complain about.

As they are supposed to be one coaters, I assumed they would also make great stamping polishes - and they do! - although that is not their primary purpose.  So sit back and look at all the MANY ways I played with these babies!

Let's stick with Midnight Blue, which really is the perfect navy.  Here it's stamped over Too Fancy Lacquer Midnight Sonata.  As you can see, clear and opaque pick up.

I choose a portion of the peacock from a MoYou one-plate design - Landscape Collection 02.

I then stamped over another Too Fancy Lacquer - Champagne Cocktail - with Peach.  I really love how this turned out.

The plate is another MoYou - Pro Collection 07.  Again, perfect stamping opacity from the Nella.

And finally I did a Peach and Ruby Red skittle, again initially to see if they were one coaters - here are some shots of them at 2 coats.

I then stamped over them using a MoYou Festive plate, 03, and again, they stamped perfectly.   

I knew this would be a colour clash mani, and it had much more presence in real life.  On the photos, the camera has been a little blinded by all the bright, and it's hard to pick up the peach on red.

For me, these polishes are winners.  I am happy using 2 coats of them, and I am over the moon that they stamp.  As I said above, I do think in time they will thicken up, but if you want to specifically buy a one-coater polish, you'll need to consider that first.

The Nella Milano range can be purchased HERE.   Although the polishes are a little pricey at £7.99,t hey are currently on sale at £5.49.   Stay tuned, as I have another review post for Nella coming up within the week xx

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