Friday, 17 January 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Monochrome - Evil Trees

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the end of another Digit-al Dozen Week.

Today's mani is a favourite I did at the end of last year, but didn't post due to a ahem few ahem end of year round-up posts I did.  You may have seen it before though, as it features one of my favourite polishes of last year - Overcast by Mentality - and I used it in a couple of the round up posts.

I ADORE this mani.  There is something so evil and twisted about it.  It reminds me of the evil forest in Sleeping Beauty - it's just so full of malevolence.

 blurred to show the amount of gold in Overcast

So, on base Overcast by Mentality - just the most amazing dark green polish ever.  Forest green, slightly murky, with lovely specks of gold.    

I then stamped using MoYou (shocker) Landscape Collection 01 and Too Fancy Lacquer Mistletoe.

For me, this is just one of those rare manis that WORKS.  Baby Crumpet forgot to vote before she went to school, so sorry for her lack of contribution today :)

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