Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Sunday Rambler 2014.1

Hi Goddesses

Today starts a new series which may become a regular feature.   I've tried it before without success lol, but hey, we can try again!

The Sunday Rambler is not a round-up post per se, but more of an editorial piece of what has caught my eye this week - and not all polish related.   I'd love your feedback, so let me know in the comments how it was for you!  Oh, and I've picked a hell of a week to start this lol.

Generally, this has not been a good week for me.  I've been battling a really HIDEOUS sinus infection, and instead of getting ahead like I wanted to, I've just kind of kept my head above water.

Blogwise it was The Digit-al Dozen DOES Monochrome Week, and I really love what everyone came up with.  It was one of those themes that no one seemed inspired by (the canvas was a bit tooo blank), but I love some of the nail art we saw.   

And whilst we're on the subject, have you entered the DD Giveaway yet?  If you haven't, you really must - there are some great prizes on offer, including $100 gift certificates and a MoYou super package.

NailIt! Magazine logo

The biggest thing that happened to me this week was appearing in NailIt Magazine.  This is SUCH A HUGE DEAL.    I can't tell you how honoured, excited, thrilled and proud I was that they would want to feature ME.  For all of you out there who run a blog, especially a small one, and who maybe get frustrated from time to time, I want to stress something I said in the interview - I really feel it's taken me 2 years to serve my blogging apprenticeship.  I started doing nails on this blog in August 2011, and it's only been in the last couple of months that I really feel I've "arrived" and feel worthy of being called a nail blogger.

Shocker of the Week - there was *another* restock drama at LLarowe.  I just don't get it.  As I said in one of my end of year posts, I avoid these restocks like the plague, but I can't believe that this keeps happening again and again and again.  For 2 years now, the Llarowe website has crashed on every restock - it's beyond unbusinesslike.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again - like oooooh whipping people up into a frenzy that the restock is coming.  Just dribble the stock on there!  Sheesh.  The solution?  Quickly open a Big Cartel store.  Really?  So you go from your big fancy expensive website to a webstore designed for small businesses?   What next, fax orders?

I have nothing personal against Leah Ann, I just find my mind boggling at how she runs her business.  I find it really unprofessional.  It's not been her best week. There's also been the furore with Pretty Serious Cosmetics and the alleged duping of Naughty Night Shift Nurse.   Now, Leah Ann has been very open about duping "extinct" polishes (eg Starry Starry Night), but to potentially dupe a polish you stock already?    Again, it's just not businesslike.  It's also not the first time this has happened.  And thus we're back to the definition of insanity.  There are ways to run a business, and there are ways to NOT run a business.  If Leah Ann's not careful, the only brand she'll be carrying in future is her own.

On the positive side of the nail community, how about all the blog sharing?  Share The Love started organically and overnight became a wagon train that everybody got on board with.  I like this for 2 reasons - one, the genuine sharing and supporting of each other (bloggers and polish makers alike), and secondly, it was a massive Up Yours to Facebook and it's newsfeed rules.  I really feel we fought back, and achieved something Facebook has been trying to deprive us of / make us pay for.  So, yay, power to the people.

Elsewhere, it's been all about The Walking Dead for me this week.  I finally got round to watching it, and although it's not perfect, it's got me hooked.  There's something just so decadent, isn't there, about sitting down and devouring multiple episodes in one great big greedy chunk.  So I am currently halfway through Season 3.  Worse, I need to put myself on a starvation diet today, because I have really neglected the blog for the last few days - today needs to be less TWD and more writing and editing.

And that was my week!  I start my new job tomorrow.  I am very excited, but if posting is sporadic this week, you'll know why.  I leave you with a few awesome TWD memes xxx

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