Monday, 17 February 2014

Above The Curve - Aphaea, Lemming Have It and some nail art

Hi Goddesses

I have 2 gorgeous purples from ATC for you today, plus a little bit of doodly nail art.  These polishes were sent for review.

Aphaea is a polish I may have been waiting for my entire life.  Smokey lilac is one of my favouritestestest colours EVER, and this is a beautiful tone of smokey lilac WITH shimmer, and a scatter of holo.

I find this a really grown up colour, as well as one that really matches my skin tone.  For me, there's just nothing not to love.

I also love how the shimmer and holo is done with a very light touch.  JUST enough to add interest and a little bit of magic, but not so much of either that they overpower that delicious lilac.  Bravo, total winner.

Lemming Have It on the other hand is a purple holo I already own many times over, by different brands, but this version may just be the most wow one of all.

This is exquisitely vibrant, and I love the subtle edges of blurple too.

I especially love how this looks in close up - the craft within this polish is stunning, and if you look VERY closely, there are tones of both edges of purple (blue and brown), something that should not be possible within the same polish.  Quite possibly a work of genius.

And then I doodled lol.  This is not a total success, but it's a little bit of whimsy.

The lesson of this mani is that holo on holo art is rarely good, as the holo in the top polish blinds you to the design.

Still, it was fun.

You can buy ATC HERE.  And you should, you really really should.

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