Sunday, 16 February 2014

Above The Curve - There's Snow Place Like Home, Akiko, Friday the 13th, Dusty Huntin'

Hi Goddesses

I greet you today full of flu, cold and lurgy.  Ugh.  I taste disgusting, and I've even lost my appetite, which is a bit too dramatic for me!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a box of 14 ATC polishes for review.  ATC is one of my favourite brands.  I love their polishes and their ethics, and they are also 2 of the nicest people on the planet.

Rather than group the polishes by collection, I thought you might prefer to see them by colour - that way, if you're trying to choose WHICH red or which green you want to buy, this post might be more useful.  Obviously I am not going to do all 14 in one go, so here today, are some of the "randoms" that didn't really have brother or sister colours to play with.

There's Snow Place Like Home is like snow on the nail.  It's a stark white polish with teeny tiny micro flakies, that catch the light the way real snow does.

It's not super easy to see them in all of the photos, but this really does sparkle like snow. Think piCture pOlish White Wedding, but with a bit more oooomph.

Akiko is a colour I am starting to see a lot of.  It's a metallic orange, with holo, and with a slight personality disorder, as it clearly also yearns to be a duochrome!

This one sits on quite a bright metallic axis for me (it's not a shade that totally complements me), but I love the way it looks slightly different in every photo.

At various times, this is fire, electric marmalade, copper, sun sparks ... and I love it's slightly kaleidoscopic nature.

Friday the 13th - well, I expected to hate this one, but truth be told, it may be my favourite of the entire bunch.

This polish is a true work of art.  It's a coffee bean holo, that manages to be warm and cold at the same time.  See how in some photos it flashes golden, and in others you get that blue / violet freeze?  Amazing.

I also love how in some photos it looks like a galaxy, and in others it looks like spectral soil - quite the range it's covering there.

So yes, I hate brown polishes, but I LURVE this one super super hard.   It was an LE for Halloween, but if you can find it in any swap or sale groups, I really recommend you pick it up.

And finally, Dusty Huntin', a really lovely dark pink holo.  This is a fab colour, but I think it looks a little too red in some of my photos.   

In real life, this is pitched somewhere between dusty rose and coral and strawberry, and just looks fabulous.  

This is a perfect summer polish - full of happy, super bright and cheerful, and just brimming with life.  Love it.

Phew, that's a LOT of awesome for one post!  I'll be back later in the week with the reds, the purples and the greens, as well as some ATC nail art. xx

You can buy ATC HERE.

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