Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Above The Curve - What No Buy

Hi Goddesses

Today's Above The Curve nail art makes me smile - it tickles some vague retro bone in me, and it just looks so 70s!!

The base for this mani is What No Buy, and it's a stunning, complicated gold polish that is simply exquisite.

This has both holo and glitter, and it all combines in a beautiful effervescence, like champagne.

I also like that it somehow manages to be multi-tonal, despite being so obviously the same colour.   Very rich, very ornate, very classy, and thankfully, not too yellow.

The accent nail is Akiko, which you've already seen here, and the final polish is Anona, which you've also seen.

I love how well the 3 colours work together, as if they are non-identical triplets lol.  There's a fantastic tonal chemistry between the 3 which I really love.

Sadly, the camera struggled a little to capture this mani.  The shiny and holotastic polishes just caught if off guard, and a couple are blurry cos the camera just didn't know WHAT to do lol.   Still, it's beautiful.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.   You can buy Above The Curve HERE.

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