Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Vintage - Buttons

Hi Goddesses

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's manis :)  I really love this vintage theme - I could probably do a whole month of them if I tried.   But with my new inner zen, I am not going to go there :)

Today I have ended up with buttons.  I remember when I was very little, my grandmother had a huge bag of buttons I used to play with.  I used to spend hours sorting them, stringing them into necklaces, using them as money .... loved them.   And yet now, who owns a bag of buttons?

This was totally inspired by the stamping plate that is MoYou Princess 12.  It has this gorgeous button design, and I saw it, very clearly, in my head - a piece of OPI My Vampire Is Buff fabric, with vibrant pastel buttons attached.

Except that did not work.  It was awful, and as I removed the stamping, I had to redo the base - sponging on some Gale by Mentality Nail Polish to add variety.  You can see the base here (the pink and yellow are from the botched stamping attempt).

So, where to go from there but red?  Bright, and shiny as a button ho ho ho!   To be fair, the red buttons WERE always my favourites.

I think the finished mani has a lot of charm, and the sponged base adds a bit of aging.

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