Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES - Vintage - Heavy Curtains!

Hi Goddesses

Today's vintage mani is a curtain / velvet / Victorian inspired thing.  I always love it when people do same colour stamping, and the top colour pops like embossed velvet.

I wanted to do something similar, but very textured, but I chose 2 polishes that whilst glorious in their own right, well ... I'm not sure they made such a perfect couple.

On base we have the utterly amazing "there are no words for how gorgeous you are" Alcatraz Rocks by OPI.  I have really done this polish a disservice by not wearing it until now, as it would definitely have been one of my top3 polishes of 2013.

This is perhaps the most exquisite polish OPI have released in the LONGEST time, a Liquid Sand of such complexity and majesty that neither words nor photos are enough.

The polish sits on a dark purple axis, with glitters of pink, gold, petrol - you name it, it's there.  But it's hidden.  So on the surface, it looks darkly serene, but look closer and there's a whole world of complexity at your fingertips.

I've deliberately included some blurred shots, as they give the best hint of what's going on.  Most cameras (like mine) tend to flatten out the magic when presented with a polish where there's just so much going on, but hopefully, if you puzzle all the photos together, a collage of OPI wizardry will emerge.

For the stamping I used Too Fancy Lacquer Prima Donna.   This is a silvery lilac and stamps exceptionally well.

However .... it's really hard to detect the holo over Alcatraz - it almost looks like any old silver.  You can see it bending at the corners of a few photos.  Sad to say, this is another one of those manis that just looked so much more amazing on the nail.

And this was my dilemma.  The only way I could do the holo justice would have been to add top coat, but I really thought that would send the whole thing over the edge into a blur that would cause my camera to implode.  So trust me - real life, this looked sensational.

Oh, and the stamp?  MoYou Pro Collection 03.

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