Friday, 14 February 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Vintage - A Vintage Polish, OPI La Boheme

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is super special.  It's a 2-parter, with part 2 following tomorrow, because both parts deserve SO many photos.

Truth be told, I was running out of time to do my DD manis when I remembered I had this in the vault.  Although it only loosely fits the theme, there is no denying this is a genuine vintage polish, and one of the most sought after of all time.

La Boheme is just .... siiiiiiiigh .... so beautiful in so many ways.  It's a genuine, hard-to-find OPI black label, and usually sells for at least $60 a bottle.  I came across mine in an eBay package which also included some other classics and black labels.  I got super lucky!

This polish ... I expected it to be beautiful, but it really is breath-taking.   It's red - all shades of red, all at once.   It's not a duochrome in the crazy way we now understand them, but it IS a duochrome in that it burns from amber to ruby to maroon and stops at every coloured port in between.

I most love the photos where in on one nail you can see ruby, orange and purple, all at once, all together.  That, to me, is just about the perfect polish.  

This shimmers, glows, smoulders and burns with goose-bumpy and operatic complexity.   It's no surprise it's become a legend.

Tomorrow, there's an extra DD post from me, featuring La Boheme and some super sexy stamping.

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