Tuesday, 4 February 2014

ILNP - A Few Shah

Hi Goddesses

One of my purchasing holy grails this last summer was The Perfect Pink Holo.  For you obviously, not for me, oh no, not for me AT ALLLLL ....

I purchased one or two or 6 in the process, and this lovely was one of them.   It's less brash than the 2 Lilypads I bought (and who I feel really rule the roost), but it's probably the "perfect" shade if you're looking for bright, without the permanent requirement for sunglasses.

This is beautiful in colour and tone, and ... it's just one of those polishes that can make you happy just by wearing it.

I then did some stamping over it.  I have no idea why I chose owls, but apparently I did lol.  They are from Cheeky Jumbo plate 4 - Top of the Class.

The pink and the gold work beautifully together, and the owls look quite happy about the whole thing too.

I especially love that the pattern is "empty" enough that you can still fully appreciate the polish beneath it.

A Few Shah = winner :)

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