Thursday, 6 February 2014

ILNP - Northern Lights

Hi Goddesses

Today's ILNP polish is Northern Lights.  It's a polish I "want" to like - but I'm not really sure if I do.

Like many of you, I am drawn to duochromes, and whilst I have successfully avoided purchasing some of the shades I know don't suit me, this is one of the types I'm still on the fence about.

Whilst not a true duochrome, Northern Lights is one colour (navy-ish) with heavy hints / shimmer of another (teal).  It's a lovely shade, and captures the light beautifully.  As I said though, not sure how "me" it is.

For the stamping, I turned to this checkerboard pattern from Pueen2.   Bit meh about this too!

I wanted the beauty of Northern Lights to show through the pattern, but tbh, I think the stamping just deadens it :(  And is it me, or does it make the polish look less blue?

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