Monday, 3 February 2014

ILNP - A Touch of Mint

Hi Goddesses

Sometimes, I literally astound myself.  Like a lot of you, I bought the ILNP ultra holos when they first came out, way back in June (?).    I swatched them pretty quickly .... and only now, 6 months later do they end up on the blog.  No, I have no idea why either.

Today we have one of the ultra holos that ILNP released last summer, with a little bit of crazy zebra stamping!

A Touch of Mint is a lovely shade - calm and cooling, it's one of those polishes that will never grow old.

It's not too green, and not too stark, making it beautifully delicate.

The holo in this is subtle, as befits this colour - anything more and I think the perfection of the colour would have been lost.

I then wanted to do some colour clash stamping, so I picked up a Konad Fuchsia and this zebra pattern from Cheeky Plate 9 - Wild At Heart.

Mint and fuchsia just work so well together - one is cool, the other hot; one is fragile, the other bold.  The pay off is great, although I think I might run if I saw this creature in real life lol.

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