Wednesday, 26 February 2014

ILNP Week - Army Surplus and Amanda Hugginkiss

Hi Goddesses

2 beautiful yet contrasting swatches for you today from the lovely holoey goodness of ILNP.

Army Surplus is a lovely dusty green, perfect camo colour.  You know I struggle with green, but there was something about this shade I really liked.

Whilst the base is quite dark and dead in tone, the holo adds a delcious layer of golden fire - it's a great combo.

Just for fun, I stamped a peacock over it, but it didn't look as good as I hoped - the gold fought with the holo too much.

And then we have Amanda Hugginkiss, a lovely purple holo.   The bend in this is great, but it's not the best purple holo I own.  Nothing wrong with it, but I know I own brighter and better.  Still if you have bought / do buy this, it will serve you well.

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