Saturday, 22 February 2014

New Brand - Celestial Cosmetics

Hi Goddesses

I am wishing you all a really great weekend - the sun is actually shining in my corner of the UK, and it's one of those amazing Spring days where you can fling the windows open.  Aaaaaand continue to battle flu lol.   It's still hanging on, but a day of rest and all things nail will help me feel better :)

Today I have some polishes from you from a new-to-me (but probably not to you) brand called Celestial Cosmetics.   Like so much of what is indie-fab right now, this brand is from Australia, and is really top notch.    Nicky is also sponsoring 3 of the polishes you will see today as a prize in my Giveaway.  There will be a 2nd post in a couple of days with my totes favourites!

Let's start with the green, T's In A Tizz.    This is a great dark emerald holo with lots of bend and light.

I love how on the nail it's almost an entire rainbow of greens, collecting up all the varieties and melding them into that beautiful arc of light.

The accent nail is Illamasqua Rampage, a very dark green jelly, which I then stamped over using BM410.    In the pictures, you can barely tell, but it was loads more noticeable in real life.

Then we have Sun Kissed, a delightful orange holo.  A slight warning here, my photos make this look a little more red than it actually was, so just bear that in mind.  It's so gorgeous tho, I couldn't stop taking photos of it!

This is a lovely juicy orange, and again, possibly not as coral leaning as the photos.   The bend though, that's all real, and I love how much pink this catches in the light.

This is a perfect spring / summer polish - it's so effortlessly appropriate.  A real winner.

Next we have Noel's Nuts.  In the bottle, this is a lovely blurple, but in real life it leaned quite blue on me.

I love the pitch of this colour - very royal and intense.  This wasn't my favourite, but it's still pretty.

And finally for today, the Odd One Out.  Behold JAX, the only non-holo in the bunch.  This is a smokey-steel-blue gossamer thin polish, speckled with flakies, which builds up.  I think I used 4 coats here.

This type of polish isn't my personal preference (as I lack any subtlety whatsoever), but I do love how delicate it is in the close ups.  For a lot of you, this will be perfect, like bottled rain.

I'll be back soon with 2 more gorgeous polishes.

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And if you haven't already, to enter my Giveaway, click HERE.

These products were sent to me for an honest review.

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