Friday, 28 February 2014

The Millionaire's Giveaway - The Winners

Hi Goddesses

Ok, bear with me, cos this is going to get a tad complicated!

Firstly, thank you to EVERYONE who entered my enormous Giveaway, and thank you to all of the sponsors who so generously donated prizes.

Announcing the winners is going to be a piecemeal process.   Because some of the prizes are US only, some are UK only and some are International, I am only going to draw 5 winners at a time.

Those 5 winners will pick their prize (first come, first served), and then we'll move on.  If your name gets picked after all the prizes for your territory have gone, then sadly, you will not win a prize.  I am hoping if I do it slowly enough, I can avoid this situation, but it is tricky with multi-territory prizes.  Each group of winners has 48 hours only to get in touch and claim their prize.

Ok - here are the first 5 names :)  As the prizes get picked, I will update the list below xx

Emily Fletcher
Rebecca Eakin
Kacy Sloan
Lauren Suarez
Paulina Data


Christine Young
Mette Vindfeld Deis Carlsson
Chrissie Richardson
Elizabeth Lefevre
Michelle Stean


Sarah Louise Poulter
Cindi Overstreet did not reply
Stephanie Gillespie
Darlene Moreira-Alberts did not reply
Kelli Triplett


BlitzMe MacGregor
Dawn Peacher
Stephanie Oblas
Karel Horn
Mollie Mills did not reply


Victoria Pires
Malinda Rose
Marie-Luise Lubich
Nicky Nailslove
Judith MacFadyen


Denise Houser-Hanuschak
Cari Rondello Welsh
Amanda Bowling
Marnie Wilson
Alexandra Ale
Megan Russell
Emma Thompson
Candace Woods
Nidia Martinez Doherty
Cynthia Decker
Tina Shirbroun
Tes Stobaugh


Too Fancy Lacquer - $25 gift voucher to use in-store - chosen by NickyNailsLove
Messy Mansion - 4 Messy Mansion plates and 2 LilyAnna plates - chosen by Kacy Sloan
Darling Diva Polish - 6 polishes from the White Witch Collection - chosen by Emily Fletcher
Lilypad Lacquer - 4 polishes - the Soft Metals collex
Chirality - 4 polishes - chosen by Mette Vindfeld Deis Carlsson
Ruby White Tips - 4 polishes - chosen by Paulina Data
Cupcake Polishes- 3 polishes - chosen by Stephanie Gillespie
Indigo Bananas - 3 polishes - chosen by Michelle Steane
Literary Lacquers - 3 polishes - chosen by Elizabeth Lefevre
Philly Loves Lacquer - 2 polishes - chosen by Emma Thompson
Gothic Gala Lacquers - 2 polishes - chosen by Candace Woods
Treasures by Tan - 2 polishes and a $5 coupon code - chosen by Victoria Pires
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics - 2 polishes - chosen by Marie-Luise Lubich
Northern Star - 1 polish, 1 cuticle oil


Sally Magpies - set of Pretty Serious texture polishes - chosen by Sarah Louise Poulter
Celestial Lacquer - 3 polishes - chosen by Chrissie Richardson
Quirk - exclusive LE polish - chosen by Judith MacFadyen


Aly's Dream Polish - $50 in store voucher - chosen by Karel Horn
Chaos & Crocodiles - 4 polishes - chosen by Lauren Suarez
Serum No 5 - 4 polishes chosen by Christine Young
Painted Sabotage - 3 polishes - chosen by Marnie Wilson
Love, Angeline - 3 polishes - chosen by Dawn Peacher
Pretty Bitch Polish - 3 polishes - chosen by Rebecca Eakin
Sweetheart Polish - 2 polishes - chosen by Stephanie Oblas
Ella Gee - 2 polishes - chosen by Cari Rondello Welsh
Pipe Dream Polish - 2 polishes - chosen by Cynthia Decker
Anne Kathleen - 2 polishes - chosen by Tes Stobaugh
You Polish - 2 polishes - Tina Shirbourn
Delush Polish - 2 polishes - chosen by Denise Houser-Hanuschak
My 10 Friends - 2 polishes - chosen by Kelli Triplett
Model City Polish - 1 bottle of polish, 1 cuticle oil and a glass nail file - chosen by Malinda Rose
Misfits on 8th - polish making kit - chosen by Blitz Me McGregor

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