Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Sunday Rambler 2014.2

Hi Goddesses

Here we are again, with another ramble :)  thank you to all of you who said you enjoyed it, and that you liked seeing this sort of post on the blog - that's great news!

So we start today with a bit of a dramatic announcement - for the sake of my sanity, I need to drastically reduce my blogging time.  I currently spend at least 30 to 40 hours per week on this blog, and it's too much.  It needs to be nearer 15, which means things - and I - need to change.

I'm not burning out, but it does feel a little like a treadmill, but mainly one of my own making.  I give myself a lot of pressure - a million challenges, a million groups, Mount Untried - and it's all too much.  Far too much.

Then there's the days where I don't feel I give my daughter enough time, the days where it would nice to just stay in bed and read, and the days when I just want to sit and watch 11 series of a program on Netflix - there must be a way to have it all, yes?

So, I am still going to continue to blog, but differently.  Basically, I'm ripping up the bucket list and starting again.  I want to sit down in the nail room on a Saturday morning and think "ooooh, what do I want to blog about this week?"  and do it.  Not have to schedule a billion posts, or feel I have to swatch a load of polishes.  (That "ooooh" is very important).

Now, don't get me wrong, I am still going to review polishes for the people I love, but I am no longer going to swatch every polish I buy.  I've just bought OPI Brazil - previously that would have gone in my "to swatch" pile, now "some" of them will go in my "ooh this might be interesting for nail art" pile - some others you may never see on the blog.

And of course, that also means a massive destash (good news for the UK girls). I have bought a lot of polishes purely because I thought they would be good blog material - NOT because I genuinely loved them, so that's going to change too.

So what can you expect?  Who knows lol.  The only thing I am committed to is the Digital Dozen, and those 5 posts will be the immovable centre of my month.   I will probably reduce how many other posts I do, but hopefully they'll be more interesting as a result, because I "want" to do them.   I really enjoy my "thought pieces" (the more writerly things I do), and maybe this will give me more time for that.

For a while, you won't notice, as I'm going to be busy emptying the vault.  I want it GONE.  It feels like a prison, and I want it gone, so that spontaneity is the only option.

In other news .....  I've been buying a lot of stuff lol.  This is some of what's on the way - 
Delush Polish
Lilypad Lacquer
OPI Brazil
Morgan Taylor
Digital Nails
Indigo Bananas
Darling Diva - The White Witch Collection
Painted Sabotage
Celestial Lacquer

Don't worry - it's all GOOD, and it's going to be much more fun :)

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