Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Zoya Kelly Gets The Cheeky Holo Treatment

Hi Goddesses

Today I have another great non-musical pattern for you from the Musical plate from the Cheeky Jumbo series (plate 5).

Zoya Kelly makes the perfect backdrop in many ways - gorgeous though she is, she's almost the deadpan partner in this mani, and looks great and aloof against all the shizz going on around her.

The shizz is mainly Color Club Blue Heaven, and this amazing linked square pattern - I'd love a necklace like this!

They play beautifully off each other, with the blue holo just subtle enough, and looking like pure spectraflair against the stormy backdrop of Kelly.

I'm a huge fan of this Cheeky plate.  Whilst it has some definite musical images on it, I love the ones like this that are more generic - they're all winners.

Enjoy xx :)
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