Saturday, 1 March 2014

Celestial Cosmetics - Elegantly Wasted and Blitzen's Budgie Smuggler

Hi Goddesses

Earlier in the week, I showed you 4 amazing polishes from Celestial Cosmetics - HERE.  Today I have the final 2 for you, which I saved for last because they are just so darn special.

At first glance, these polishes look alike in the bottle, but there is a world of difference in terms of their intensity.  It's like one is made of chiffon and the other of lead.  Holographic lead though :)

Elegantly Wasted is a gorgeous darkish purple, slightly brusied, and just beautiful.   BBS is on the accent nail just to highlight the difference between them.

There's a beautiful tone to this polish - it's slightly muted, and this gives it a real subtlety.

As you can see, the rainbow is in full bend, and utterly beautiful.

Blitzen's Budgie Smuggler on the other hand ... wow, oh where do I start?  This is just epic - to the heavens and back.  I remember seeing a few swatches of this when it first came out and being rendered breathless.  Well, now it also has me a little speechless.

I think the thing I love most about it is the intensity.  This is like how blackberries stain your fingers.  It's dark, it's inky, and yet it never once loses its jewelled tones.

I just adore it, and I as I say, for me it's the depth of the colour (rather than the shade) that makes it so stunning.  And yup, this is already on the Polish of the Year list :)

Both of these polishes were sent to me for review.  You can buy Celestial Cosmetics HERE, and really, you know you want Blitzen's Budgie Smuggler :)

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