Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Darling Diva Polish - If Anyone Falls and Stand Back from The White Witch Collection

Hi Goddesses

Ok, are you ready?  Are you truly truly ready?  If you thought you'd seen some gorgeous polishes so far this week, nothing is going to blow your socks off like today's pairing.   IFF and SB are both purples - but opposites.  

We start with If Anyone Falls, an incredibly delicious and rich purple, built on a warm brown base and just absolutely spectacular.

I just can't get enough of staring at this polish.  It's so perfect and insanely amazing.   The bend is deep on this one too, giving it a fathomless quality.

As you know, I own a lot of purple holos, so it's getting harder for any to really blow me away, but both of these 2 have managed it.

In the first set of photos, you may have noticed the accent nail looked different.  Well that's because it was the OTHER purple - Stand Back - which takes its base from blue, rather than brown.

They look beautiful in contrast together, and SB has a sizzle that IFF can't quite manage.  To be honest, both polishes are awesome, but SB probably just has it in the comparison stakes.

I also tried a little bit of stamping, just to see how well these worked on the silver plate, and as you can see, the results were great.  I'm not sure they would be as strong over a dark background, but I was really pleased with how crisp the stamping was.

So, if you could only pick one of these purples, which one would it be?

(Luckily, you can buy them both HERE mwahahaha.  These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.)

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