Sunday, 30 March 2014

Darling Diva Polish - Sara and Wild Heart

Hi Goddesses

Oh, it was all going so well ... and then the wheels have fallen off again.  I am thoroughly sick of being sick at the moment.  I caught the flu 8 weeks ago and still have a rotten cough.  In an epic bout of coughing, I now appear to have broken my armpit, so every sneeze, cough and noseblow is agony.  All I want to do is paint my nails, yet all I really want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep.   Upshot?   Who knows when my regular schedule will return - in the meantime, I'll just do bits and bobs when I can :(

Today's post is lovely though.  Another 2 polishes from Darling Diva, and a little bitta stamping too.

Let's start with Sara.  In the bottle, this was "meh", another gold holo.  On the nail, totally different story.   This is honey gold, liquid nectar, so soft, so delicious, rather than a brash brassy gold.

It's the subtlety of the colour that makes this one a winner.  I can't overstress the honey in this.  I almost wouldn't call it gold.

I then stamped over it with this great honeycomb pattern from MoYou Pro 2, and I love it even more!  Pattern and polish mesh beautifully.

What I love most is how the stamping makes me look like I have been cleverer than I have.  The pattern interrupts the holo, and accidentally makes some hexagons a different tone to the next one - utterly brilliant.  I really love this stamped.

Wild Heart is the least me of all the polishes in this White Witch Collection.  It's a brown holo, and I am not a fan of browns at all.

Interestingly, this is a really warm brown, a bit chestnut, a bit russet, a bit wild animal - I don't think even brown holo lovers will already own one like this.

For fun, I did some squiggly lines on the accent nails over OPI MVIB.  Beth's verdict?  "Mum, you need a ruler to make them straighter" ...... sheesh.

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