Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Darling Diva Polish - The White Witch Collection - Landslide and Edge of Seventeen

Hi Goddesses

Today's Darling Diva Polishes are the greens, and let me tell you, they are intense.  Pleasingly, they're different, yet complimentary.

Mani 1 - Edge of Seventeen with accent of Landslide on middle nail

Edge of Seventeen is the paler of the 2 greens.  This is what I would call an apple green.   It's still bright and intense, but it's at least halfway down the colour scale.

As well as being holo, this has a healthy dose of violet shimmer in it too, making it truly beautiful in the light.

This is a fabulous polish for Spring - fresh, happy and fun.

Mani 2 - Landslide with an accent of Edge of Seventeen on the ring finger

Landslide is a wowzer of a green polish.  You know me and greens but ... there is nothing not to like about this.

Tonally, it's perfect.  It's grass green, Irish green, emerald green, Kermit green - it's fab.  The pigmentation is super intense and the bend is gorgeous.

I really lost my heart to this one.  You know a green doesn't do this to me very often, but you'd be pushed to find a more perfect green.

Mani 3 - Landslide with an accent of Edge of Seventeen on the ring finger and MoYou stamping on top.

I then added some MoYou stamping from their Landscape 05 plate.  I deliberately chose slightly different images, but love the overall leafy look.

The stamping polish isn't black, it's a Konad one that came in a kit and it's a super dark khaki.  I like that it can look black without being such a PITA to clean up!

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  You can buy them HERE.

So which green is your favourite?

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