Monday, 10 March 2014

Darling Diva Polishes - The White Witch Holos Part 1 - Bella Donna and Gypsy

Hi Goddesses

Aaaaaand welcome to "oh my god these have been stuck in my pile so long".  Waaaaah.   "These" being the 12 fantastic polishes that make up Darling Diva's new White Witch Collection, inspired by the legendary Stevie Nicks.

Rather than swatch all 12 and present them all to you in a lump, I thought I would get creative :)  I also noticed how most of the polishes pair up - 2 greens, 2 blues, 2 red-purples, 2 blurples etc - so most of the posts will feature a PAIR of polishes.

Tonight it's the turn of Bella Donna (the dark one) and Gypsy (the paler one).    On the surface, Gypsy is probably most like other lilac holos you've seen on the market, but no less lovely for that.

What the camera is not picking up is that this is also littered with pale violet shimmer, giving a super jazz-tastic nail experience.

As with all DDPs, this slid on with ease, and even looked good on my super nubs!

Bella Donna is the darker of the pair, and very indigo/blurple hued.   This has far greater bend (as you would expect from a darker colour), and has a high kapow factor.

The colours in this are quite beautiful, and the arc on this is particularly electric.   There's something about this shade that I fall for every time.

Super intense, super dramatic, and again, this rocked the shorties!

Finally, a little bit of stamping over Bella Donna.  I used Essie Blue Rhapsody and MoYou Sailor 07.

In the end, the stamping and the holo fought it out to a draw, but in between there's some lovely shots of them mid-combat, and I especially love the ones where the stamping seems to draw the purple into the arena.

You can follow Darling Diva Polish HERE and buy HERE - and they're REALLY really good xx

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