Sunday, 16 March 2014

Indigo Bananas - You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir, 2% Butterscotch Ripple, A Star To Sail By

Hi Goddesses

Sooooo slightly later than planned, here are the other 3 Indigo Bananas polishes I was sent for review.   These didn't quite capture my heart in the way the other 3 did, but one of them is a legend in the making!

We'll start at the worst end shall we - not worst in terms of polish, but definitely worst in terms of my nails.  This is from about 3  weeks ago when they were all breaking, and they're a little too short to carry off this polish - sorry.

That said, You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir is darkly mesmerising.  It's a grey holographic base with edges of smokey purple, laden with teeny blurple and red glitters.

There is a LOT going on in this polish, but not too much - sadly, my nails just needed a little more length to prove that.

2% Butterscotch Ripple is just ....LEGENDARY.  This is a total work of art and utterly, utterly fascinating.

This is a duochrome glitter.  It sits primarily on a warm bronze base, with burgundy edging, but in the right light shifts to a khaki green.

It's then speckled with all these amazing glitters and - wow - it literally is bloodied fairy dust on the nail.  Beth took one look and said "ooh chemical cinnamon", and she's not far off the mark.

This is one of those polishes that can look ordinary AND extraordinary in the same glance.   This is not my usual colour berth, but I couldn't get enough of this - it's a stellar, 10000% masterpiece.

And finally in this trio we have A Star To Sail By, a total bottle of bling!  I've worn this in a single coat on the accent nail, and 2-3 layers on the other fingers.

I love this.  It's just OUT THERE.  It's bold, it's gold and it's waving its hands in the air cos it just don't care lol.   This is a perfect New Years / Party polish, and also a really good polish to have around for one outrageous accent nail.

I particularly love this champagne colours in here, which just tone it down from being total ghetto gold, and make it more melodic to the eyes.

All these amazing polishes AND MORE can be bought HERE.  Indigo Bananas is a haven of colour and beautiful mayhem, and I absolutely love her polishes.

You can also follow on Facebook HERE and read the other half of this review HERE.  These polishes were sent for my honest review.

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