Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Brands - Milka, The Purple Cow

Hi Goddesses

It's a never ending mystery to me that the same products are branded differently around the world.  Even more so, I have no idea how far round the world some of these products go.  So, if you're in Europe, I think you will "get" today's post.  Everywhere else, maybe not.

I wanted to do a purple mani for Brand Week and as soon as I Googled it, THIS came up and I yippeed, as I remember eating shitloads if it in my youth :)  "This" is Milka chocolate, gorgeous smooth melty Swiss chocolate, made with special milk from Milka cows :)

Milka příliš jemná a příliš troufalá

The branding was always cute, but who can resist an ombre purple cow print mani?  Not me!

I again plunged into my new lubberly untrieds, and picked the following lilac / purples - 
* thumb - w7 white
* index - Morgan Taylor PS I Love You
* middle - Rimmel Ultra Violet
* ring - China Glaze What A Pansy
* pinkie - Delush Polish Delushous Goddess

I then picked a small nail art brush and made my cow print.  Cow print is a great pattern to experiment with because it's so inexact.  You can't exactly go wrong.   

For each nail, I used a colour that was 2 nails variant, so the thumb was decorated with the base of the middle; the index with the base of the ring and so on.  For me, it's the best way to get "just" the right contrast, and of course, to not get to that last nail and go "oh bugger" because you went wrong lol.

Mmmmmm, I could fancy some Milka right now.   There's a lot of food brands today - check out the other girlies :)

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