Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Digit-al Dozen DOES Brands - OPI and Gwen Stefani

Hi Goddesses

Wow, this week is ZIPPING by, which is good, cos it means I am feeling better finally, and we are careening into a full-on weekend of nail play!!

Today's DD post is about When Brands Collide.  OPI is arguably the world's biggest nail brand, and in recent years, it has become expert at partnering with other brands to double its market appeal - films, Disney, music.

The most recent collab had super-cool written all over it, and although I initially thought they were boring, I'm glad I DID buy the OPI Gwen Stefani polishes, because they are a triumph of colour AND texture.

The 3 polishes are a gorgeous glossy pink - Hey Baby, a matte gold - Love, Angel, Music, Baby, and a matte black - 4 In The Morning.

All the polishes are sensational, but what I really love is the pay-off between them, and I think this skittle really highlights both the drama and the wow factor of these polishes.

There is nothing complex about any of these nails lol - basically they're plain, simple dots, or the Nailasaurus Waterfall (which may look fancy, but is simplicity itself).

So, totally in love with my skittle (felt quite cool and fierce wearing it lol), and hats off to OPI (STILL on their great roll) and Gwen Stefani, who if she were bottled, would have a temperature cooler than ice.

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