Friday, 11 April 2014

Goodbye-ish .... for a while

Hi Goddesses

I hope you're all well.  The truth is, I'm not doing so good.  I feel this post has been brewing for a little while now, so here goes.

So far, I've had the year from hell.  Landed a great new job, then on the last week of January I caught flu.  It's only just gone, but it's left with me a cough that has given me a torn muscle in my chest, and a large prescription for codeine.  Oh and in all those 8 weeks I haven't had a single solid night's sleep.  Throughout that time, I tried to blog, but the truth was, all I wanted to do was sleep or nap to make up for my deficit, and if I DID find the time to paint my nails, editing photos and writing about it just seemed too much hard work.

There was also my huge milestone of achieving a million page views - once you hit your goal, then where do you go - and the ENORMOUS Giveaway that went with it, which was just exhausting lol.

And then yesterday I crashed my car.  Not a big crash, but a crash nonetheless.  I feel like it's God or the Universe shaking their fist at me and telling me to pay attention, so for once, I think I'm going to.  I think I need to just STOP.  I love blogging, I truly do, but not at the moment, when I know I haven't got the energy for it.

So I'm going to stop, for a month, and see how that goes.   I always thought my blogging might have a shelf-life (especially when you see other bloggers burn out), but I don't want to be one of those people.  Blogging makes me feel like a creative, and it allows me to write, but right now, I think it's more important that I can just veg in the evenings and read books or watch TV.

There will still be one or 2 posts, there has to be - everything I have been sent for review will be reviewed and posted, but nothing else.

I hope that by being proactive and checking myself into blogging rehab, I can avoid falling off the cliff and burning out alogether.

So, bye bye for now, and I hope this is not forever, just an extended little vacation.

All my love, Crumpet xx

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