Monday, 21 April 2014

Guest Post - Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession

Hi Goddesses

Today's Guest Post is from a lovely friend, and although I should have posted it last week, I saved it for today cos it's her BURFDAY!!!  Happy Birthday Jen, and thank you for dipping your toe into those evil nail art waters.  Hope you have a great day - mwah xx
Hello to all of you Crumpet fans!  I'm Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession and I am happy to be helping Debbie with a guest post during her busy times!  I'm friends with Debbie in several nail polish groups and she's super amazing!  I love all her posts and have wracked my brain over a nail art idea that would be worthy of a Crumpet post.  If you browse through my blog you'll see that the extent of my nail art is basically a skittlette.  So I went out of my box and tried something a little different - still easy, but different.  I love it!  So much!  I am very proud of how it turned out.  So let's take a look at this mani that's chalk full of gorgeous microglitters from Superficially Colorful.  

Superficially Colorful: Shop, Facebook

I used several Superficially Colorful microglitters from the up-coming Things I Love collection!  Here's the list of the polishes I used: Picklefarts (deep berry pink), Make Up Me Beautiful (fuchsia), British Chocs (orange), Dearhearts (gold), Wibbly Wobbly (peridot green), I've Never Been Ginger (tardis blue), Twiter Licker (aqua), All The Purple In The World (purple).  I basically painted half of each nail with one color, then painted the other half with the a different color to create a rainbow!  I then used Orly Au Champagne on my accent nails and used colorful gems to accent the white.  I changed up the order and the rhinestone accents on my right hand and did a little collage of them together for the last picture.  

Well I hope you liked my post.  Feel free to head over to My Nail Polish Obsession to check out my Blog!  I'm also on Facebook and Instagram!  Thanks for reading!  

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