Thursday, 3 April 2014

Guest Post - Paulina from Paulina's Passions

Hi Goddesses

Today's guest blogger is one of my favourites.  Her name is Paulina, and if you're not already following her blog, Paulina's Passions, you really really should.

Paulina has a lovely and gracious eye for colour.  She specialises in simple patterns and epic florals, and I love her design for today :)


Hi everyone. This is Paulina from Paulina's Passions. I will be taking over Debbie's blog for today to show you some amazing nail art I have done for this guest post. It all started, when Debbie named me one of the Bloggers to Watch in 2014! It was such an honor and a great way to start the new year. Thanks you so much! So many Crumpet lovers found their way to my blog and I am happy to have you there. I am feeling even more happy and honored, because of this guest post! I mean, being a guest blogger over at The Crumpet?! Debbie is such an inspiration to me and every single post she writes is full of passion to nail art and nail polish. She is so involved in the nail art community. I still remember the first time I participated in the Tri-Polish challenge and how fun it was!
Romantic Roses - Paulina's Passions
For today's guest post I decided to go for something that I close to my heart, and something that I love making - floral nail art! The readers of Paulina's Passions know how much I love florals and I include elements of flowers in many of my posts. I am a nature girl and this just comes naturally. I made so many roses and florals before, and I try to make them differently every time. Today I decided to push myself further and make the roses even more detailed and even more realistic.
Romantic Roses - Paulina's Passions
I started off with a pretty mint base. It's Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. It's one of my favorite mint nail polishes. It has a perfect shade and the formula is very opaque. Two thin layers and you are good to go! As for the roses, I used four different shades of pink. I started with a light pink base, which is Maybelline Color Show Nebline. I applied random round shapes using my dotting tool. I waited a bit for the first pink layer to dry and then I did a bit of shading. I used Catrice You Better Think Pink and I mixed it with acetone on a piece of foil. I wanted the nail polish to have the watercolor effect. I applied it with a think nail art brush very thinly on one side of the rose.
Romantic Roses - Paulina's Passions
I finished up the roses with some petals. I used two shades of dark pink. First one is W7 Pink Paradise (gorgeous, dark raspberry color) and W7 Fuchsia. I added some leaves with GOSH Early Green and Catrice Miss Piggy's BF. To finish everything off, I put two thin layers of my favorite top coat, Glisten & Glow HK Girl.
Romantic Roses - Paulina's Passions
What do you think of these romantic roses? I do hope you like them! I did my very best for this very special gust post. Do let me know your thought in the comments section :) You can find more florals, colorful and girly designs on Paulina's Passions blog and if you want to stay up to date with my nail art, you can also follow my Facebook Page and Instagram. Thank you again, Debbie, for having me here. It was a pleasure to be part of your amazing blog and share a piece of me with your readers. Have a lovely day everyone!

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