Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Never-Ending Pile Challenge - Pastel

Hi Goddesses

Here we are with Day 2 of the Never-ending Pile Challenge.  I have to say, I am finding this really fun!

For today's pastel, I picked OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta.  If truth be told, I don't have that many pastels sitting in Mount Untried, so this was an easy choice.

The facts - I bought PVV nearly a year ago from one of my favourite eBay sellers, who sells a lot of old OPIs.  I'd heard a lot about it being a classic shade, but in truth, it's a little too pinky-violet for me.

That said, it's very pretty, and very nice, and it looks like it's always wearing a soft filter haha.  Although it has a different tone to Sparrow Me The Drama, I love the latter enough that I know I don't need both of these.

I then stamped using BM-412, a conscious effort not to just reach for a MoYou plate haha!!

I wish the stamping were straighter, but I like how there's a cool retro 60s vibe to this pattern.

I will probably miss Friday's prompt (a random untried) as I am really struggling to keep the pace this week, but I will be picking the challenge back up soon :)

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