Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Polish Bar - Spring 2014 Holo Collection

Hi Goddesses

I have been a busy bee today - hurrah! - and have been trying to get this blog back on track.   Mainly, that means sharing with you LOADS of polishes I have been sent for review recently, while I prep some OPI Brazil Nail Art and my Digit-al Dozen manis.

Today we have the 7 polishes from The Polish Bar that comprise her Spring Collection.   I am FULLA LOVE for this one, and I think she's judged the mood perfectly.  She has chosen very springlike colours, but then upped the intensity on them to give them real kapow factor.   This is without a doubt my favourite TPB collection yet.

There are 6 holos and one crelly glitter in a white base.  Partly because you know I struggle with those types of polishes, I've worn it as an accent nail throughout.  However, what's really great is that the glitters in Spring In Bloom match most of the holos, a lovely little touch of genius.

We start with Orchid 2014, Janice's nod to the Pantone Colour of the Year.   This is nice and light and bright.

Colourwise, this is stuck somewhere between lilac and purple, but very pretty nonetheless.

Then we have Pink Rhapsody - a pure slice of heaven.  There's nothing not to love about this polish.  It's pink, it's holo and it's bright :)

In keeping with the collection, the colour has punch, but is not overly intense (so I do have pinks more intense than this), but this so works. Lovely.

I'll admit, I have days when even *I* get a little bored of holos.  Let me be more specific, of seeing the SAME holos.  Plumberry is my number one love from this collection because it's a shade I haven't yet seen.

This is a lovely warm cerise-berry pink.  I stress the warm - it's a much warmer colour than the rest of the collection.  For me though, it was the perfect blend of colour.  Lovely.

Skyline is the teal, nicely toned, but with a light touch, so that it doesn't overpower the rest of the collection.   This is a happy teal, rather than a gothic one!

I also like how this gathers a gold shimmer in some lights - it's just perfectly Springlike.

Spring Reverie is a lilac, observed through rain.  That's the best way I can put it.  There's a greyish tone to this one that's really appealing, as if the blooms are trying to stand up through the prisms of light in a spring shower.

A lot of words, yes, but a really lovely tone and shade.  Probably my 2nd favourite of the collection.

And finally Stormy Skies.  I LOVE that this is included in the Collection cos MAN does it rain in Spring!   This is the dreary colour of rain, but again, with the hope of rainbows.

I'm especially fond of the close up of this one.   It's so different to the other polishes, but it's totally right that it's there.

These polishes were sent for my honest review and they can all be purchased from The Polish Bar HERE.

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