Friday, 2 May 2014

Arcane Lacquer - Seemless

Hi Goddesses

Well, it's a shock to be here tonight, let me tell you, but I actually wanted to blog and have the energy to blog tonight!  I don't know whether it was last night's catharthis, or just the fact the thought of the weekend (especially a 3 day one) always energises me, but YAY here we are!

And where we are is with a STUNNING polish by Arcane Lacquer which I was sent for review several weeks ago.   By then I was already sinking, but I couldn't resist agreeing to review for someone I admired so much, both as a blogger and a polish maker.

As with so many things that are great in indie-land at the moment, Arcane Lacquer comes from the land of Oz, and is spectacular - lovely and creamy with glitter to shake your tropical tail feathers at.

I love the berry shade of this so much, and the violet flakies, and the glitter and the oh, so much happy going on.

You can buy Arcane Lacquer at various e-tailers, on ETSY and you can visit FACEBOOK HERE.

Big chufty smiley face :)

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