Sunday, 4 May 2014

GOT Polish - Coral

Hi Goddesses

I hope Sunday treats you well.  Me, I'm happy as I appear to have some mojo back.  I spent yesterday editing loads of photos (after being dragged into involuntary gardening tasks), and I genuinely want to post them, so hopefully this is the start of my return :)

Ok, this post should have happened a couple of weeks ago - it was the prompt for the day of my car crash, which was the final nail in my "I need a break" coffin lol.

Coral is a colour I haven't had a lot of love for - ever.  Are you pink, are you orange, are you orange on steriods?  What ARE you?   But last year, all that changed with this polish - FNUG Flip Flop.

I don't know whether it's due to skin tone, but not only was this the first time I ever liked a coral, it also opened the door to lots of other corals (surprise!).

For me, this is a happy mani - just perfect for a happy, hopeful post on a happy day :)

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