Monday, 26 May 2014

Guest Post - Alison of UK Nail Runner

Hi Goddesses

Today's Guest Post is from the lovely Alison of UKNailRunner.  Her nails have always been impeccable, but lately she's also been rocking a photo style that makes everything she does look magazine worthy!  I love what she's done for today :)


I was over the moon to be asked to post on Debbie's fabulous blog again and I've been racking my brains for weeks trying think of what I'd like to do my post about! And seeing all the fantastic posts from other guest bloggers just made it harder and harder....... don't know why I thought it was such a good idea to choose one of the later slots to post on. Then this mani just kind of happened all on its own!

Here's the story.....  I've been searching for a perfect orange for a while - every time I see one I think I like the look of, I find reviews that show it too reddish, or criticise the formula, or something. So I decided to layer some polishes and experiment. This is the orange mani I ended up with:

It's two coats of Essie Fear and Desire with a coat of Essie Action on top to brighten it. I decided I'd like a bit of shimmer, so I added a coat of Nostalgic Lacquers 'Chilly Down'. That's a very old indie polish I have lying around (old for an indie anyway); it's one of those duochrome colour shift topcoats - I rather like them for adding a bit of interest to a colour. Chilly Down was quite novel when I bought it two or three years ago, but I think these are fairly standard now - lots of the indie brands have them and I have an almost spot on dupe to this from Boots No7.

I didn't really intend anything fancier with this mani - it was just a nice orange and I enjoyed wearing it for a day or so. Then my eyes fell on this book lying around on my desk - a version of Pinocchio by Micheal Morpurgo...

The cover was the same colour as my nails! And that blue at the bottom clashed fabulously with the orange, and the orange had a sort of tone-on-tone flower effect. So a vision of stamping and striping tape came to mind!

Stage one - before I added the detailed bits. I stamped a flower image with Nails Inc Tate and an image from MoYou Pro collection plate 06 on the top part of my nails, then put two lengths of striping tape at the bottom of my nails and painted on Butter London Slapper.

Finally, I stamped on more detail - some lettering from MoYou Hipster collection plate 02 and the leaves from MoYou Artist collection plate 05.

I love the way this turned out - it was so much fun both to do and then to wear!

I hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you so much again to Debbie for asking me to post here! END

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