Friday, 23 May 2014

Literary Lacquers - And So I Step Up and Mysterious Irrevocable Sacred

Hi Goddesses

Another 2 Literary Lacquers polishes today.  I do hope you're enjoying this Ultimate Outlaw collection.  I think this is probably Amy's most consistent collection so far - I know I've been oohing a lot lol.

And So I Step Up is probably my least favourite polish of the 8, which is like choosing your least favourite chocolate.  All chocolate is gooooood, right?

I think I am starting to tire of these wine colours, especially ones that tend to err to the sheer side like this one.  I want to love them, but they never totally match what I have in my head, and I'd have just liked a tad more opacity here.

I then picked up Mysterious Irrevocable Sacred.  Another purple holo?  Gah, I have like 30ty billion ... boring ... oh .. actually not boring .. gulp .. wow..  rather marvellous ... gulp.

MIS is stellar.  It's purple holo on acid, that took a bath with it's hairdryer still plugged in.  This just SIZZLES with electricity.

I really feel there are too many purples in the world (OMG did I really say that), but this Cadbury-purple is a must have.  Utterly rampant.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.  As ever, you can follow Literary Lacquers on Facebook and BUY BUY BUY here lol xx

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