Sunday, 11 May 2014

NEW Weekly Crumpet Feature - SIMPLES!

Hi Goddesses

Wow I am having a busy weekend.  I feel like a woman who has decided to come off a diet - I haven't been able to get enough of nail polish this weekend. So many colours, so many ideas - gah, so much fun!

This is a very short piece to let you know about a new series that will start next weekend.  It's called SIMPLES, and the aim is to demystify nail art, and help even the most inexperienced person have killer nails!  Maybe you're an amateur, and some techniques scare you?  Well, this is where we'll deconstruct and practice them together :)

Each week I will show you a technique, and then invite you to recreate it.  There's a Facebook group, where you can come and post your version, and also ask questions, share tips and share your journey with others.

If you want to join me, you can find the Facebook group HERE, and in the meantime, I will see you next weekend with the first post!

No experience required!

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