Friday, 30 May 2014

OPI Brazil - Pink Lemonade and Fruit Salad

Hi Goddesses

We are finally at the end of my epic stretch of OPI Brazil manis.  For now lol.  I love these colours so much - and how they combine - that I am sure I will be back to these before the summer ends, but for now, here's your last double doozy.

This starts as a gradient featuring I Just Can't Cope-acabana and Kiss Me I'm Brazilian.

I loved how these 2 looked together, and they reminded me of Pink Lemonade.  Someone else at work said they reminded her of the Fruit Salad chewy sweets, so that night .... there was only one thing to be done lol - make a fruit salad!

And this is how it looks with Winstonia W118.

Whilst I still like it, I don't love how the white has bled away some fo the vibrancy of the gradient - it's just not as shiny and juicy as it was in the beginning lol.

Still, at least everyone at work agreed it definitely was now a fruit salad!

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