Sunday, 4 May 2014

Review - Rococo Nail Apparel - Part 1

Hi Goddesses

I am feeling much better, brighter and bloggier today, and I spent loads of time yesterday editing photos.  It's funny how hindsight works, and I realised that knowing THIS review was the next blog post I needed to do (3 weeks ago) had actually been stressing me out.  Why?  Because it's a monster, it's HUGE!  Solution?  I've now carved it into a couple of posts - more manageable for me, and suddenly ... oh, I feel lighter, less stressed.   Crumpets, we're stupid sometimes :/

So Rococo Nail Apparel is a new brand which is sold through the cosmetics nirvana which is SpaceNK.  I showed you some of these photos a few weeks ago, but here they are again - will you just LOOK at the packaging!

I agree you can't always tell a book by it's cover, but this is a brand that has made a lot of effort to package itself well and "richly".   Buying these products, you know you should be getting a deluxe experience, but history is littered with fabulous exteriors and hollow interiors.  So how did the products shape up?

Well, I didn't try the "extras" box set or the top and base coats.  To me, they are very much all of a muchness, whatever brand you use, and I really do believe it's a case of personal body chemistry as to what will work for you.  So, no opinion here other than that they LOOK great, and they also signal a brand that has thought things through, and that understands good nails doesn't just stop at a pretty polish.


So, onto the polishes, which is where it's at.    Here they are, all lined up, and I really loved the little rainbow I was sent, apart from the camel-coloured one, which is just not me.  Again, great packaging, but also, good application, no streaking, no issues.

Are they worth £14 each?  That's a hard one to answer.   They are good products, so we're not talking about a £2 atrocity hiding in expensive packaging, but what REALLY distinguishes a £5 polish from a £14 one?  Honestly, I don't know, and I don't think there's an answer.   Why is Chanel more expensive than Barry M or China Glaze?  It's unlikely it's down to superior product, so my view is that if your budget can take it, these polishes WILL make you happy.

I think that's enough for this post, there are 2 more to come.  They also sent me their Skinny Artist nail art brush for review, but as you can imagine, I haven't given that one a whirl yet - but I will!  These polishes were sent to me for my honest review and are sold in SpaceNK stores.

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