Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Rococo Nail Apparel - T-Cup, Hot Pants and Hip-Hop

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to the 3rd of my Rococo posts, which also features my favourite 3 polishes I was sent for review.  There is another post after this where I did some nail art with another product I was sent for review, and I'll also be testing out the Skinny Nail Art Brush.  All in all, I really was impressed with these polishes - the pigmentation and application were both good, and these 3 polishes in particular play exceptionally well together.

We start with T-Cup, the very epitome of cool.  But is it green or is it blue?  Lol, I'm serious.  My eyes see blue, but all my work colleagues saw green.  Not that there were *that* many arguments during the day :)

I love how creamy this polish is, and how the colour is diluted almost to the point of disappearance.  The addition of gold shimmer is genius and perfectly offsets the blue or green edge of the polish.

Hot Pants is cracking :)  A fabulous summer polish, this sits between sugary sweetness and feisty fuchsia.

Again, this has a fabulous creamy formula allowing for effortless application.  Confection perfection.

And look at how beautiful these 2 look together - I did my gradient slightly choppy, but I love the overall effect.  Hot and cold blended together.

And finally the fiery, feisty, flippin fantastic Hip Hop.  LOVE this polish SO HARD.  It's a roaring coral - I am sure she has a red sister she really looks up to.

I just could not get enough of this polish.  It's sensational ... and it also looks lovely on top of that gradient :)

So this is where the Rococo review ends for now, but as I said, there are a couple more bits and pieces to come.  These polishes were sent to me for my honest and are available from SpaceNK.

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