Thursday, 22 May 2014

SIMPLES Extra - Clean Up

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is to offer you tips and tricks in how to Clean Up Your Mani.  After all, there's no point doing something beautiful to your nail, if all eyes are going to be drawn to the polish you left on your skin, right?

I admit, in the beginning, I didn't do clean up.  My clean up involved picking the polish off my skin the next day lol.  Seriously - these photos are from my actual blog.

It wasn't til I joined nail groups that I truly understood the value of clean up and how it can take a mani from meh to majestic.  Also, if you're a blogger, don't even THINK about reaching for that camera unless you did clean up.  Even 1 spec of micro glitter will look like an alien invasion under a digital lens.

2 videos for you today then.   The first is my own, and looks at the TOOLS I use for clean-up.   If you listen very carefully, you'll also hear Bluebelle say hello.

The second is from the Queen of Perfection, Lucy's Stash.  Here she discusses how she paints her nails and also how to clean up.

used courtesy of Lucy's Stash


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