Saturday, 17 May 2014

SIMPLES - Week 1 - The Accent Nail

Hi Goddesses

Drum roll please ... and cue the fanfare!  Haha, I am ridiculously excited to be with you here today, doing this.  We are going to have SUCH fun :)

SIMPLES is going to show you all the nail art techniques you need to know - and the varieties of said tehcniques.  We have to start somewhere super simple though, because I am assuming some of you are here today because all you've ever done is polish your nails one colour, and you need to know where to start, right?

So today we start with The Accent Nail, in its most basic form.

* the accent nail can be on any finger of your paw, but is most often on the ring finger
* the accent nail is an excellent way to hide things that went wrong on certain fingers
* an accent nail allows you to wear more than 1 polish at any one time
* an accent nail can be a great way to try out a pattern (when we get to patterns - hey, it's a lot less pressure to do 1 nail, instead of 5)
* an accent nail can be a great way to tart up a mani for day 2

Today's accent nail features Barry M Damson on base ...

 with a layer of this sensational glitter topper from Cirque XX on the ring finger.  

Don't they make a great combo?

I still do accent nails to this day - it's often a great way to compare similar polishes, or wear 2 complementary polishes from a collection.

See, I told you we would start with something so simple it hurt!  Now it's your turn.  For your accent nail, you can pick another polish colour, a glitter, maybe a holo or a texture, but don't do a pattern - YET.  We'll get to that in good time.   When you're ready, come and post your mani in the SIMPLES Group, and share your experiences with the group.  Any questions, just leave 'em in the comments.

Next week we stay super simple, with a plain painted skittle, so you will need 5 polishes.  They don't have to be different shades of the same colour, in fact, sometimes, the wilder, the better!

See you next week!

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