Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Thursday Rambler - The Difference A Week Makes

Hi Goddesses

How are you all?  I hope you're all well and groovy and having fun, and have lots of exciting plans for the weekend.  Me, I feel GREAT ... and that's why we're here :)

This time last week I sat down to write quite an emotional blog post.   I was so tired of being tired, having no mojo - I was seriously worried I would never get back to blogging again.  And yet here, a week of posts later, we are.

So what changed?  Well, I've always believed the universe moves in mysterious ways, and it was so weird, I got home Friday night, and just felt full of energy, for the first time in ages.  I am sure the 3 day weekend had something to do with it, and even though I didn't get to spend of much of it as I wanted to in the nail room, it saw me wanting to paint my nails and write posts.

I also believe "the darkest hour is always before dawn", and I think that outpouring of fear, and possibly grief, was just that moment.  It's not the first time it's happened to me, that just at the moment everything seems blackest, sunshine has inexplicably appeared.

So here I am.  I am still happy tonight, albeit a teeny bit "can't be arsed" lol, but in a MUCH better place.  Such a good place in fact, that I am half-thinking I might be able to do DD week next week after all ... but maybe not.   Unfortunately, most of my Saturday is going to be lost to a speed awareness course - oops - so time might be against me, but it feels good to be inspired again.

I've also learnt that this is MY blog.  I think I have been extremely guilty in the past of chasing numbers and trying to post what I think people want to see / read.  Well, no more.  In future, I am going to channel those "can't be arsed" feelings, and not do things just because I hope it will get me more views or followers.   If I post it, it's going to be because I genuinely love it, feel passionate about it and can't WAIT to share it.

And the things I've been putting off are coming out to play too.  I had pretty much decided on a new way of blogging 3 months ago, and thought I'd "just wait til the vault was empty" to start it.  Well no.  I'm going to start it now (-ish), and if need be, we'll have to have Vault Friday to get rid of that stuff.

So for all of you - including me - who have been YEARNING for the return of the Confessions of a Polishaholic ... be excited ... it's closer than you think :)

And finally finally, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart for all the support and love and patience you have shown me over the last few weeks.  It has meant SO much, and has been in a massive factor in why I really wanted to continue blogging.  So thank you, and let's have fun, ok?

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