Friday, 9 May 2014

While I've Been Gone - Favourites

Hi Goddesses

It's the end of the week!  I am in fine, HAPPY form and I just placed the world's largest EVER order at the local chinese takeaway.  If I don't post for the rest of the weekend, it's cos I slipped into a food coma lol.

Whilst I had my little break, my life (for once) had a different focus, and as I know you like these sorts of posts, I thought I'd share some of my favourite recent things with you.

Televisual Feasts

I gobbled up quite a lot of gooooood TV whilst I was moping around, specifically American Horror Story 1 and 2. Fabulous TV making and great acting, all of it balanced on the skill that less is more.

I also watched the end of Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  Call me disappointed.   That show is usually sooooo good at delivering humdingers, but the ending just sort of hung there, in a "to be continued" kind of way.    I just hope Season 5 is about the trek to Washington and uncovering what this has all been about.

Revolution!  I still love that show, though I don't know many other people that do.  I caught up with the 8 episodes I was behind on.  I just love the whole premise (that the electricity went out 15 years ago), and I love that this is one TV show where I have NO idea where the story will go.


I read!!  Oh yeah, oh yeah.  I devoured all 3 books in the Divergent trilogy in a week.  LOVED THEM!   Loved the action, loved the characters, but more than anything, I yearn for some one to hold my face and kiss my forehead the way Four does.  Ah, le sigh.


Music has had a big comeback in my life recently.   My favourite CD of the moment is Tribute by John Newman - it's full of epic 60's swing and it's just magical.

I have to say, the UK charts are pretty good too at the moment, and Happy by Pharrell is the current office theme tune - we break out into dancing whenever it comes on the radio lol.

Nailwise, I really didn't do much whilst I was away.  In fact, most days, all I had on was a coat of Trind, which is doing a decent (but not perfect) job of getting my nails back into good health.  And damn those MoYou people with their must-have Friday plates!

I have picked up some cool products to try though.  I bought the new Barry M Summer Gellies, 2 sets of Wistonia plates, more MoYous lol, including their stamping polish, and also quite a lot of nail art brushes, in my quest to find the one perfect brush.   I also got sent a nail PEN for review, which I can't wait to play with and see how it compares to a brush.

So, what's coming up?  Maybe DD Week if I can squeeze a mani or 2 out tonight.  I have a whole week of OPI Brazil posts, loads of new and different ideas, and this - now THIS is a box of happy.  Oops, I bought all the neons!!!!!

See you soon xx

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