Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Work Wear Wednesday with - Arcane Lacquer - Ambulant Heart, Made of Scars and State of Grace

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the 2nd of 3 posts featuring 6 Arcane Lacquer polishes I was sent for review.

Today we are focusing on the softer, nude shades.  All are lovely in their own way (but I DO have a favourite).  To get techincal, all applied well - good brush, no streaks, no faffing. Really good brand.  And that's before we get to the colours!

Ambulant Heart is sugary pink confection - like candy floss in a bottle.  It's super light, and loaded with subtle pink and holo glitters.

This is a little pale for my skin tone, but other than that, it's fairy-perfect.

Made of Scars (great name) is a beautiful pale grey, sprinkled with flakies and palest blue sparks.

I utterly love this.  I like a nice paletter cleanser every now and then, and this is so classy it hurts.

But not as much as this, one of the stars of the collection - State of Grace.  Oh, this is just sublime - a sludgy, dirty grey, with gold shimmer and gold flakies.

I can't tell you how effective that combination is - really, you're gonna have to buy it to try for yourself!   But the cold of the grey and the warmth of the gold creates an instant antique feel.  Stellar, rare and utterly original.  

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.  You can buy Arcane Lacquer at various e-tailers, on ETSY and you can visit FACEBOOK HERE.

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