Monday, 30 June 2014

Nire's Desire - Love's On Fire

Hi Goddesses

And boom, just like that, it's Monday lol.  I have to say though, a 3 day weekend helped a LOT.  I thought I'd get loads of posts prepped but instead I just seem to have done a lot of painting which means ... er, I have more posts to prep.

Anyway, we start the week brightly and fiercely with this amazing orange neon from Nire's Desire.   Love's On Fire is pretty much the most saturated orange I own - it really couldn't absorb more orange with becoming red.

This dries to a matte finish, which you can see on the ring finger.  You know me, so yup I glossed it up.  Frankly I like it both ways, and I love the flakes in it.  (It also glows under black light.  Unfortunately it's currently out of stock).

I then triballed it up with this amazing pattern from MM12.  I avoided Messy Mansion plates for the longest time (I tried to tell myself I had "enough"; I think they call that Denial), but now I've tried them I AM HOOKED.  Obsessed, even.  I can't wait for the new plates to come out and MM14 to make it back into stock.

But I digress.  I love this combo.  It also tells you how I spent my weekend - watching the entire 2nd Season of Orange Is The New Black :)

I think this could be one of my favourite stamping manis I've done. 

So how was your Monday?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Secret Diary of a Polishaholic: OMG – eBay

Hi Goddesses

OMG – eBay

So thanks to the nail porn that is Google Images, I find myself back on eBay.  Did you know that OPI have done collections like FOREVER and that some of them are really really awesome?  But they’re also really really old, so the chances of finding them are – oh, hello!

My downfall comes when I find there are people who sell not 1 polish on eBay, but LOADS.  Like 10 or 20 or 50 or 100, because they are closing their salon or whatever (frankly, I don’t really care what their reason is).

I buy a job lot of 40 polishes for the ridiculous price of £80 – that’s £2 each, people!!  Bargain or what!!!!!

When the box arrives, I find the France Collection, the Spain Collection, the South Beach Collection … oh momma, wow!  I never knew polish could be this … gulp.

Each exit from the box is greeted with an oooh or an aaaah or a woah or an OMG when I discover Parlez Vous OPI, and I line them up neatly on the dining table so that I can ogle them.  And drool.  We are definitely drooling.

Inevitably, I do not like some of my new children.  There are nasty blues and greens, and see through nudey stuffs – pah! – and when I am giddily scrolling through eBay for MORE bargains, I notice that one of the ones I don’t like is for auction at £6 so far – that’s £4 more than I paid for it and therefore PROFIT.

And in one fell swoop, my addiction becomes a – cough – business venture – and I start seeking out job lots to buy, keeping the ones I love and selling the ones I don’t.   I find an amazing American seller who sells bundles of 50 old OPIs each Friday, and if I end up keeping more than I re-sell, well that isn’t a PROBLEM per se …. I just wish I knew where to put them ......

Saturday, 28 June 2014

SIMPLES Week 6 - Mixed Size Dots

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Week 2 of our 4-week dotting tool rotation.  Today we have one of the most beautiful ways to use dots, yet somehow, it's the one I use the least - I really am going to have to correct that.

Today we're looking at using dots in 2 sizes.  A couple of hints and tips here - 

* make sure there is sufficient differential in your dot size - so pick your biggest and then something close to your smallest

* top coat before you apply your dots.  Sometimes dotting tools leave impressions, so I like to seal my base with Poshe first

* the emphasis here is on RANDOM placement.  Start with the large dots, but make sure they don't form a regimented pattern

featuring the stunning Never Too Late by Cadillacquer

Here's the video - apologies for the weird angle, but I am struggling to find the perfect set-up for my videos :( 

I don't have many examples of this on my own blog, just this one - 

However, the lady who is Queen of this technique is Emma from Em's Little Corner.  Dots is her staple diet - just look at some of these -

Even more amazing, Emma did her own tutorial a few weeks ago - be sure to check it out HERE.

And finally, just a couple more examples of this gorgeous technique -

I think this one is my favourite EVER- image source

image source

and one with more spacing - image source

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Nire's Desire - Jezebel

Hi Goddesses

I'm a sucker for holographic pinks, and today I have a lovely one to share with you.

This is Jezebel by Nire's Desire and it straddles the line of bright, but not too in your face, and classy, but not too dull.

This is a perfect medium rosy pink, loaded with life and full of happy.  It's one of those polishes you can just throw on and forget about, because you know it's going to look lovely All Day Long.

I love the richness and vibrancy of the pink, and the occasional cool flash of blue lilac.  Happy polish.

I have a Born Pretty review to do, so I added some silver hearts to show my love lol.

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