Monday, 30 June 2014

Nire's Desire - Love's On Fire

Hi Goddesses

And boom, just like that, it's Monday lol.  I have to say though, a 3 day weekend helped a LOT.  I thought I'd get loads of posts prepped but instead I just seem to have done a lot of painting which means ... er, I have more posts to prep.

Anyway, we start the week brightly and fiercely with this amazing orange neon from Nire's Desire.   Love's On Fire is pretty much the most saturated orange I own - it really couldn't absorb more orange with becoming red.

This dries to a matte finish, which you can see on the ring finger.  You know me, so yup I glossed it up.  Frankly I like it both ways, and I love the flakes in it.  (It also glows under black light.  Unfortunately it's currently out of stock).

I then triballed it up with this amazing pattern from MM12.  I avoided Messy Mansion plates for the longest time (I tried to tell myself I had "enough"; I think they call that Denial), but now I've tried them I AM HOOKED.  Obsessed, even.  I can't wait for the new plates to come out and MM14 to make it back into stock.

But I digress.  I love this combo.  It also tells you how I spent my weekend - watching the entire 2nd Season of Orange Is The New Black :)

I think this could be one of my favourite stamping manis I've done. 

So how was your Monday?

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