Monday, 23 June 2014

Nire's Desire - Prana

Hi Goddesses

Every once in a while, there is a polish so special, so gorgeous, so breath-taking, that even *I*, The Crumpet, cannot find enough ooohs and aaaahs to describe it.

I've already reviewed a few polishes this year that have gone straight into my "Top 10 of The Year" list, and here's another, the jaw-dropping Prana, by Nire's Desires.

Duochromes?  I'm kind of meh about them.  I don't like that most of them, at some point, bend to a colour I detest, so I feel I can't control what's on my nails lol.  However, give me a purple-red duochrome and I roll over and beg for my tummy to be tickled.

I have owned HITS So Unique (very good), ILNP Undenied (kinda meh), Crows Toes Indian Summer (similar but subtly different), but Prana beats them all.  Not by a little, but by a lo-o-o-ot.  By a mile.  A million miles.  A galaxy.  A wormhole black hole kind of thing.  A lot.

This duochrome hugs the red to purple universe in a loving embrace, from ruby to burgundy to violet to damson to every shade in between. AND it occasionally shakes some electric blue shimmer at you.

So what makes Prana so special?  Well for me, this polish is the essence of a perfect duochrome for 3 reasons -

* the formula.  So so baby smooth.  Nothing nasty or metallic about it.  Pure cremey goodness.

* the bend. It actually bends.  Not when your hand is underwater, rotated up your back and with you squinting from behind your knees - you can sit and play with this one like you would a holo.  It loves to play.  It's kitten happy.

* the balance.  THIS is the pay-off.  Usually, duochromes have a "resting" state, and then their alternate colour.  The resting state is present 80% of the time, and only unusual angles or lighting bring the other - and it's usually the more interesting - colour to the fore.

Well Prana is perfectly balanced, 50/50 between red and purple.  Sometimes it's red.  Sometimes it's purple.  It's equally both, and THAT is why it's a work of genius.

And now, perhaps a surprise - this polish was purchased by me and was not sent for review.  So there, that makes it even GOODERER lol xx

Over the next few days, you can see some stamping over Prana, and also an intensive comparison with Crows Toes Indian Summer.

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